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A starved appetite for adventure and unquenchable thirst for photography, leaves Benjamin Von Wong, craving confrontation for the seemingly impossible. 'Epic imagery' is the name of his game, having captured models all of the elements; underground, overground, underwater and even on fire. His hyper-realistic style enraptures viewers in a fusion of special effects reserved mostly for the movies, with innovative and captivating concepts worldwide. 

Von Wong was born from an engineering background, providing a unique skill set in the virtuosity of problem-solving. His notable education in visual construction and self-taught understanding of light has unsurprisingly deemed Benjamin, a master to many in his craft. Each technical hurdle and creative block is welcomed merely as a challenge, whilst the realms of reality are blurred.

One of Wong's most notable and recognisable works came from a commissioned shoot by Huawei, demonstrating the camera capabilities of the P8 cell phone. Of course, the brief requiring a model surrounded by fire, without the use of Photoshop or any other image editing software - was surely no problem, using his refined pyrotechnic skills, mashed with photographic expertise. 

Fuelled by a passion to connect people, this Wacom and Broncolor GenNext Ambassador has an undeniable affinity for finding talent across the globe, in a bid to bring his stories to life. From crazy costumers, to marvellous makeup-ers…and that's not to mention the magnificent models, Benjamin draws out the best by binding creative geniuses with the most compatible concepts, for causes close to his heart. One such case recently used social media to raise over USD $2M for Sanfillippo Syndrom sufferer, Eliza O'Neill - the highest ranking GoFundMe Campaign of all time. 

Now focused on highlighting conservation issues using photography to raise project funds (most recently surrounding a model by sharks to raise awareness for the Shark Shepherds), Von Wong continues to raise expectations in the most unique domains, meaning his greatest competition…is himself and the problems we project on Mother Nature.




He is currently a Wacom Ambassador, Broncolor GenNext Ambassador and Fujifilm X photographer. He is also notable for creating several viral Social Media campaigns, including the most funded GoFundMe campaign which raised over USD $2M for Eliza O'Neill, a sufferer of Sanfilippo syndrome.



Eliza O' Neill Go Fund Me Viral Campaign

In July, 2013, Eliza O'Neill was a 4-year old child diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome Type A, a terminal genetic disease causing death for most sufferers before they reach their teens. Researchers at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, had developed a gene therapy, but for clinical trials to take place, $2 million was required.

Wong and D.L. Cade then produced a video, in conjunction with the Cure Sanfilippo Foundation, which highlighted the plight of Eliza O'Neill and other Sanfilippo syndrome sufferers, as part of the Go Fund Me Saving Eliza campaign. The video went viral, breaking all previous Go Fund Me fundraising records, and continues to be the most successful fundraising campaign to date, currently standing at USD $2,023,023.




  • 2015 Saving Eliza: The Video that Could Save a Little Girl s Life... and Thousands More - Shorty Awards Best Use of Video (Nominated)
  • 2015 Power of Photography AP Awards 2015 Winner


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