Muhammad Hidayatullah is a budding photographer, an enthusiastic filmmaker, and above all, a devoted storyteller. Constantly inspired and undividedly passionate, Hidayatullah seeks to share the stories from the people he has met to the world. And shared he did.

Having earned his architecture degree from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in 2012, Hidayatullah took a leap off faith; setting off to burn his creative fuel through photographs and videos, winning awards and recognitions — and many hearts — along the way. 

Strictly self-taught, what Hidayatullah lacks in a formal education in filmmaking and photography he made up by listening and observing what others do, supported by many lessons picked up during his days of architectural studies in the process.  In 2011, Hidayatullah was shortlisted among the top 10 finalists of the esteemed BMW Shorties competition for his work highlighting a mother and daughter relationship. His video about a cobbler, titled ‘Tapak’ (Sole), won him the 2012 Merdeka Video Challenge. 

Hidayatullah’s interests, eventually, become his career. His strong love for storytelling finds itself well and alive through photography, of which Hidayatullah strongly leans towards portraiture, binded by his manifesto to help people ‘to have at least a photograph in their life.’ This notion remains vividly visible in his photographs of India, a part of the world he now holds close to his heart. He believes that photographs might be the only visual proof that some souls ever existed; their photos could be the their sole manifestation of living. Stepping forward in his storytelling mission, Hidayatullah immerses himself in the moments surrounding him, aiming to make others smile. Luckily for us, he is not stopping. 




  • Top 10 BMW Shorties - Lepas (2011)
  • Winner of Merdeka Challenge Award 2012 - Tapak (2012)


My future plan is to become a director of my own proper short film that I have been planning all of these years. I want to have the all the skills that I should have to be a filmmaker. And then I want to become a film teacher to teach on how to make a good film by critical thinking on creating a story. The way I learn to do my film, that is how I want others to learn and to feel. The most ultimate part is to have a production house that contribute more on ideas that can make people change rather than focus on the profit.

My vision and goal is to educate people with short film. I do believe my country, Malaysia need this kind of things. For the past years, I saw lots of people in Malaysia anticipate every a commercial ads in television, how the soul of the stories made lots of people still talking about it. I want to make a film that can make people change their thoughts, change the way they behave because I’m the person who change because of film.

In another 3 or 4 years, I want to make one film that shows the life in my country, the little stories. The stories that less people know about it, but gives the most impact on somebody. I already found my style of film that I want to make because this kind of films make me feeling good. How the impact I gave to others really motivate me to do more than just films.

For me, a film is not just a film, it’s a message from your heart what you want to tell.

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Zul Luey

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