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Keith Foo




Keith Foo is a Malaysian actor who is also the Founder and Creative Director Aksi + Reaktivasi. Advocator of Human Rights and education for Art and Creativity.

Born on 6th January 1983 in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. He has well established his career first in the Indonesian film industry for more than a decade and now settling up his acting platform in Malaysia. His name has become popular massively in his latest Malaysian drama 'Ariana Rose'.




  • Mati Suri (2009)
  • Will Spike (2009)
  • Angel Jakarta (2010)
  • Blue Beach Bride (2010)
  • As a result of mixing Independent 2 (2011)
  • X - The Last Moment (2011)
  • Budeg Ghost (2012)
  • Women at Home armature (2012)


  • Love and Grace (2010)
  • Ray (2010)
  • Gol (soap opera)


  • In each Prostration (2013) with Azlee Khairi and Nur Fathia
  • Love You Mr. Arrogant (2013) (Drama Novel Adaptation) with Azlee Khairi and Zara Zya
  • Ariana Rose (2013) (Drama Novel Adaptation) with Nur Fathia
  • Dating It Belongs to Us (2013) with Farid Kamil and Tiz Zaqyah
  • Whisper of Love (2014) with Remy Ishak and Tasha Shilla
  • He ... Extraordinary Wife (2015) with Shukri Yahaya and Nur Fathia
  • Family Pontimau (2015) with Marsha Milan Londoh
  • Marriage Book (2016) with Reen Rahim


  • Looking For Love (2013) with Eric Clapton and Nasha Aziz
  • Lara Qaseh (2013) with Azlee Khairi and Sara Ali
  • Women's Shelter of the Temple (2014) with Sharnaaz Ahmad and Diana Danielle
  • Tollgate Asmara (2014) with Izara Aishah
  • Only on Paper (2014) with Izreen Azminda and Nabila Huda
  • Pilot Cafe (2015) (film adaptation of the novel) with Fahrin Ahmad and Izara Aishah
  • Girlfriend Contract (2015) with Risteena Munim
  • Laplace (2015) with Raja Ilya
  • Sky Love (2016) with Nur Alphard


  • EH Style Awards! - Celebrity Men Cool Body Shape (2014)
  • Augustman Magazine - Men of the Year (2015)

Apart from taking different kinds of roles, Keith is also venturing into producing. Keith’s interest a however aren’t confined to the creative world. He also has an entrepreneurial streak and a strong interest in the F&B industry, nurtured from when he studied Hotel Management. Keith already owns the restaurant Mezza9 and plans to move into other areas of the food business.


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