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Hafiz Ibrahim




Hafiz started out in advertising as a fresh graduate at Leo Burnett Advertising as an Audio Visual Producer/Copywriter. It was here that he was first roped in to apply my trade to create TV and Radio commercial spots for clients which ranged from Petronas Corporate & Motorsports, Malaysia Airlines, McDonalds, P&G (SKII & Rejoice), YTL, Bumiputera Commerce Bank (known as CIMB Bank today), TV3, Godfrey Phillip Morris (Marlboro), Telekom Malaysia and campaigns for the Government of Malaysia.
Nearing a year, he was involved with creative writing for campaigns and this let him to write for certain campaigns. He had worked on major accounts (Petronas, McDonalds and Malaysia Airlines) writing scripts, which had won numerous awards locally and internationally (Kancils, Adfest and LB GPC 7+ for Petronas).  It was during this tenure that he was given options to ply his true trade as a film director, directing spots for clients from within Leo Burnett from Malaysia.

He took on a position with Chilli Pepper Films soon after. It was here that his career took a leap. He was given opportunities to work on spots such as the Independence Day and Eid festive ads for Petronas, Digi, Coca-Cola’s World Cup Campaign, The Cental Bank of Malaysia, The New Straits Times, P&G (Dynamo & Fab), McDonalds Happy Meal (Singapore), Mead Johnson (Enfagrow), DRB Hicom and many others. I have also had the opportunity to work abroad in India and Indonesia for Unilever for ‘Lifebuoy’ creating numerous spots for them.
He now works on regional campaigns abroad with Glaxo Smith Kline, Djarum, Singapore Armed Forces, Subway Asia, Samsung, Canon Asia, P&G on a constant basis. Regional production houses have now signed him on to undertake work in Asia, making him one of the busiest Film Directors in South East Asia at present.
Since then, he has managed to be awarded a couple of times locally and internationally. He is also the current record holder of the most viewed ad in Asia with his Bernas Hari Raya 2012 commercial reaching 1.1 Million views to date. He has also hit records in Indonesia with his Djarum Lebaran spots.
His forte is definitely in talent direction and moulding stories that resonate with audiences. He takes pleasure and pride in crafting, whilst placing thought and wit in to films. He moulds a story together to bring the best out of the subject through precise and conscientious approaches that meet the needs of the undertaking and hold the attention of the intended audiences. 


The trailer to his first feature film in Malaysia entitled "Tulus Ikhlas" (Yours Sincerely). It was adapted from an ad he made 4 years ago into a film. Produced by Astro and Independent Pictures.


Film Director's Association of Malaysia (FDAM) (2015-2016)

Green Lane Pte. Ltd (HKG), Anecdote Pictures (Malaysia) (July 2011 – June 2015)

  • Freelance Regional Film Director for TV Commercials and Feature Films. Clients include an array of brands from FMCG's to Multi National Companies and Regional Film Distributors and Funders.
  • Accredited by the Film Director's Association of Malaysia (FDAM)

Chilli Pepper Films (January 2005 – August 2011)

  • Directed more than 50 TV Commercial spots for clients locally and regionally. Clients have ranged from Petronas; , New Straits Times, Digi Telecommunications. 
  • Bronze at AdFest 2006 for Raptor Watch Campaign. 
  • Executing a chinese feature film as writer/director which will be produced in 2011 and screened in November 2011.
  • Youngest Film Director to direct a Petronas Corporate TV Commercial. Spots include Petronas Independence Day 2010 "Innovative Inventions" and Petronas Hari Raya 2010 "A Tale of 2 Kampungs"

Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur (December 2002 – September 2004)

  • Produced more than a 100 TV Commercials for local and regional clients. Clients ranged; Wrote and produced a Petronas Hari Raya commercial in 2004 entitled "Seven Sons and a Cow" under the supervision of the late ECD Yasmin Ahmad.
  • Won 2 awards locally and regionally and was noted as the youngest writer of a Petronas Ad till date.


  • Bronze for Film Direction - Petronas "Maznah", Kancil Awards 2010, Malaysia.
  • Merit for Campaign - Petronas "Maznah", Kancil Awards 2010, Malaysia.
  • Bernas Hari Raya "The Journey" - 4th most shared/viral ad in the world for August 2012 with over 1 million views.
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